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Video about adult male caning:


Adult male caning. .

Adult male caning

There are probably several other boys waiting alongside you, all shaking with terror. The cane was also used more or less frequently on boy inmates at the British youth reformatories known from to as Approved Schools , and rarely for girls in such schools. Next another ten-lap run. He's checking up on the law, but he's pretty sure it treats felons like slaves in this respect. The size ratio of adult to adult is very different to that of adult to child, as is the ratio of the buttocks to the size of the traditional implements used to apply corporal punishment. The thin cotton of the regulation gym-shorts we all have to wear, is stretched taught by the jutting mounds of Turner's handsome butt. Fixing my eyes firmly on the red weal across Adler's butt, I run in and swing the cane with all my strength onto those quivering buttocks. But, to keep in line with the rules for punishment of slaves, you are not allowed to administer more than five strokes in a session. I find myself idly wondering if he uses as much force on his eight-year-old kid brother! Not surprising really, as he's been a prefect for a year, so won't have been caned or beaten recently, at least not at school. In 19th-century France it was dubbed "The English Vice", probably because of its widespread use in British schools. Travis gets the message and announces:

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    So, reluctantly, he spreads himself back over the horse. I tap the legs of the horse with my cane, to indicate where I want him to grip.


    Contrary to what the name suggests, a birch rod is not a single rod and is not necessarily made from birch twigs, but can also be made from various other strong and smooth branches of trees or shrubs, such as willow.


    It was around the time my childhood punishment spankings ceased, but for other boys around me, they continued into their teens. Time for the last stroke.


    At the same time, leather straps were still being applied to boys' hands at primary schools and canes to their hands and bottoms, at high school.


    But there is no option, particularly as Drake hands the Head a cane with the words: My dad used to do it all, but he died last year.


    Several hard-ons become evident through flimsy gym-shorts.


    My rampant cock is urging me on. See Caning in Singapore Military caning.