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Avoca beach - best for LBG rock fishing

Avoca beach camping. The Palms at Avoca.

Avoca beach camping

Bateau Bay is also an ideal location for snorkeling or fishing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner available. Enjoy your family picnic amidst lush rainforest which will make you feel like you are millions of miles away yet so close to home and modern life. Open from 10am right through to dusk, our playground is only suitable for children up to age 12 sorry, grown-ups! One last appeal of the Patonga route is that the track follows the Great North Walk route and provides you with the tempting opportunity for a side excursion down to the Warrah Lookout. The mountain itself boasts an exciting downhill trail, along with fire trails and single tracks as well. Free for guests staying on the park. Visiting hours are from 10 a. If your energy levels are still high after the picnic, there is a convenient walking path around the headland. This acre fun park, set amongst breathtaking scenery, is just minutes away. Cinema starts at 7 p.

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    Kevin in the 6th century built on the wooded slopes of a valley with two clear water lakes beneath the sheer cliffs. A deluge of people from all corners of the world fanned out across the state in response to the madness that was gold.


    It offers picnic and barbecues tables in a luxuriant rainforest setting that is complete with a walking track and waterfalls.


    Kevin in the 6th century built on the wooded slopes of a valley with two clear water lakes beneath the sheer cliffs. Will you go the way of the rich and famous by basing yourself in Pearl Beach, or favor instead the far more budget friendly, but still decent quality, camping sites of Patonga?


    The dark recesses of humanity still seem to linger the corridors and cells, and spooky night tours are available upon request.


    On the other side of Melbourne, the land falls away into a series of peninsulas, islands and isthmuses. It is very ideal for the whole family excursion as it has the young ones in mind.


    You can swim here, too.