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The Walking Dead - Negan finds Judith.

Does judith die in walking dead. When does The Walking Dead season 8 return to TV?.

Does judith die in walking dead

In another scene, Scavengers leader Jadis Pollyanna McIntosh is clearly upset about something that may or may not be the death of her loyal subjects. Hopefully, it all works out. Rick takes him to Dr. Judith is among them, who is being cared for by Tyreese. Later on, Judith is seen held by Beth while watching Carl and Patrick rearranging blocks and guns. Carl tells her about his fight with the Hilltop bullies and she is surprised that he would be punished for protecting the leader's daughter. She returns to the house and gives the gun to Tyreese, admitting she had killed Karen and David to prevent the spread of infection at the prison. Just as the front door begins to give way, Abraham and his group, who had left a few days previously, return with a firetruck and block the door, preventing the walkers from escaping. After Alpha , Lydia's mother, and the rest of The Whisperers arrive, Carl argues with Maggie on whether or not to return Lydia to her people, but is shut down, being forced to let Lydia go, but not before kissing her. He loves his father because he's done so much for them. They circle around to the front and shut the walkers inside.

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    He cries night after night and how he missed Ben.


    Chandler Riggs is currently set up to leave the show and, according to The Hollywood Reporter , Lauren Cohan may be calling it quits soon, too. Later it is show that Carl was just knocked out, but states that he's alright.


    Lydia finally admits that it is true and that she hates it. Carl passes out for an instant, and is taken to the infirmary by Rick.


    When Rick and Alpha returns, he announces that they're leaving.


    Nearby, they find an abandoned home in a pecan grove, Carol suggesting they may want to rest there a few days. Later on, Judith is seen held by Beth while watching Carl and Patrick rearranging blocks and guns.


    The group then wraps Glenn's corpse in a blanket and they continue on to the Hilltop. Jessie is holding onto Carl's hand, and won't let go, leaving Rick no choice but to severe the hand.


    The reason for her baby carrier being bloody is unknown.


    Rick states that Carl did good, but, Carl feels he failed because he shot, missed, and then hid behind the wall.