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How to keep vaginal area dry. Causes of Fishy Vaginal Smell.

How to keep vaginal area dry

Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Pimples may or may not be filled with pus. Most women neglect them, as they most often disappear after few days. This sexual health issue causes insecurity, damages your confidence, and can make you feel like crap. It causes phytoestrogens to be absorbed fast and easily by the vagina wall. Allowing shaving gel to sit for a few moments will further soften the hair. Some women are also allergic to sperm. These include vaginal discharge, burning, itching, redness and swelling. While pimples almost never ulcerate this way. You could also try to use lubricants before sex to avoid irritating the sensitive skin in the vagina wall. Add drops of tea tree oil and soak a tampon in the mixture. These are another major reason for fishy vaginal smells.

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    According to an expert in gynecology Dr. However, they are quite painful and stinging.


    Couples who have trouble with intimacy tend to have deeper issues in the relationship. What to Do if a Pimple Gets Infected?


    Natural phenol is also known to keep skin healthy.


    A daily wash with gentle exfoliation with a cloth or loofah is recommended. Think of how it feels when you stop yourself from peeing.


    Use a fragrance-free cream or lotion since added perfumes can cause irritation.


    Vaginal pimples are often initially treated by soaking with hot water. This can be done countless times without any change as to how your mouth looks.


    You may apply it on the outer labia and adjoining skin.


    Advertisement Raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar ACV is another great remedy to help quickly treat a yeast infection and get rid of the itching and swelling in the vaginal area.


    Use Conditioner and Shaving Cream Massage the areas you are going to shave with hair conditioner to help soften the hair first, especially if your pubic hair is very coarse. Wear cotton panties, at least at bed time, which will absorb any extra moisture.


    Get them diagnosed properly by experienced dermatologist.