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Is not like you to say sorry. Apology by Plato.

Is not like you to say sorry

When I do not know whether death is a good or an evil, why should I propose a penalty which would certainly be an evil? For sheeple, though, this will not be possible — for what have they ever done besides conform? But that is not the case. That showed me in an instant that not by wisdom do poets write poetry, but by a sort of genius and inspiration; they are like diviners or soothsayers who also say many fine things, but do not understand the meaning of them. I should have to lie in prison, for money I have none, and I cannot pay. I reflected that if I could only find a man wiser than myself, then I might go to the god with a refutation in my hand. Is that what you affirm? And therefore if you let me go now, and reject the counsels of Anytus, who said that if I were not put to death I ought not to have been prosecuted, and that if I escape now, your sons will all be utterly ruined by listening to my words - if you say to me, Socrates, this time we will not mind Anytus, and will let you off, but upon one condition, that are to inquire and speculate in this way any more, and that if you are caught doing this again you shall die; - if this was the condition on which you let me go, I should reply: But I thought that I ought not to do anything common or mean in the hour of danger: I wish, men of Athens, that he would answer, and not be always trying to get up an interruption.

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    Such nonsense, Meletus, could only have been intended by you as a trial of me.


    Now I have great difficulty in making you understand my answer to this. Many of them I see in the court.


    But for the sheeple, successfully self-reliant individuals become a constant reminder of their own inadequacies. And I think that what I am going to say will do you good:


    Still I have a favor to ask of them.