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When Your Woman Is Boring

My spouse is boring. What to do when you want to move and your spouse doesn’t?.

My spouse is boring

Fear of the unknown, unwillingness to part with family and friends, and anxiety over change are all powerful factors that effectively work against the idea of moving house. In the end they are the ones who have to look at their own sad dumped pathetic faces in the mirrors and know they too were taken for a foo used and tossed aside when these men were finished with them. I have been the betrayed spouse too. Feeling your feelings and supporting your children during the time of their grief will be important. This leads to arguments, nagging and further anger The relationship goes in an up-and-down, seesaw sort of pattern as there are longer and longer periods when resentment and anger are the predominant feeling punctuated by spurts of great fun, energy and togetherness Resentment is a difficult emotion to overcome because of the chemicals it induces in the brain more on this in a different entry. What about all that attention he lavished on me? The months have passed to the present. My son had just had his first child and we were so excited to have our first grandchild! There was nothing we could do but keep it a secret. Each has the control to end the affair directly, the spouse can only end the affair indirectly.

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    I started to call him "reliably unreliable" - and it wasn't a joke. My son had just had his first child and we were so excited to have our first grandchild!


    The proper way to deal with a unhappy marriage, is to do everything to resolve the problems of the marriage, with time spent, counseling, talking, working out issues…not escaping in a fantasy affair. So, are any of my kind not boring?


    I know this is easier said than done.


    Will the new environment be beneficial for your children if any in terms of safety, education, hobby and recreational activities, new friendships, etc.? But it was the husband who betrayed her, not the other woman.


    Did you know John Grisham got his undergraduate degree in accounting? If you are a spouse without ADHD, you may well recognize much of what I am about to describe in your own marriage, for without a doubt I have experienced the "classic" ADHD-affected marriage.


    Society forgets God unless they are in trouble then they pray fervently.