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Mzansi hot ladies. List of South African slang words.

Mzansi hot ladies

Primarily used by the elderly as general usage of a cane fell out of fashion among younger generations, though people still have a habit of when carrying a stick to use it as a walking stick, even though they don't necessarily need it. Refers to blatant ignorance against any person or object, no matter the consequences. Refers to the text-based grammar usage that was popularized by the now-defunct Mxit, a free instant messaging service. While the team was working hard all night, Byron was jippoing. I love that she supported me, even before Muvhango. Hier kom Groot Kak! To strongly convince someone to agree with you. Often used to call an immediate halt in whatever is being done, usually in conjunction with a possible undesirable outcome. Refers to a larger variety of "thrift" being on offer. Poesklap therefore is far more life-threatening than a "bitch-slap".

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    Also known as a "Volla". A crude but humorous way to say "go finger-fuck yourself" DStv — a popular digital satellite television pay-service throughout Southern Africa.


    Is the English slang term for money as well as the name of the actual mobile-currency used in the now defunct Mxit. Refers to an erect penis.


    Is derived from the fact that a motorcycle, with all its uses, is the modern day equivalent of a horse-and-rider. You are jumping to conclusions.


    Derived from a man of unknown origin known as "Siebies" short for Siebert or Sieberhagen soos 'n poep innie bad - lit "like a fart in a bathtub of water". Sie-sah — expression of goodness, or of disgust, depending on context.


    Derived from the English term "poop", it literally means "to pass gas".


    Nou gaan ons Braai! Also refers to a song of the same name by Afrikaans singer Karlien Van Jaarsveld.


    Literal English translation will align it with "-ness" a. Also refers to a relatively small hill , with "koppie" being the diminutive form of "kop" in reference to it appearing like a small head kop poking out of the ground.


    Though the name literally translates as "fat cake", that name was already reserved by an English dessert, so in order to distinguish between the two very different dishes, vetkoek remains the universal name across all languages.