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Scorpio Men: How They Court Women

Scorpio man wants to be friends. Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility.

Scorpio man wants to be friends

He will appreciate her for the depth he lacks, even though he may not ever be able to fully understand it. The Scorpio is also a very covetous and selfish creature by nature, something that would prevent her from getting along with a Leo man who would not be attracted to a woman who possessed those traits. Scorpio will take control, which means she will be cruel to be kind, while Sagittarius may not love again. They are unique in the zodiac in being able to talk about the mundane and the elated in life with equal enthusiasm and experience. Of course, he or she may not show the anger will let you know they are unhappy with the status quo. It is important to understand the way the Scorpios mind works in order to know what the mindset is at the time of any actions he or she may perform. She will love his stories, and love when he takes his practical hat off, which is rare, to be kooky and make her laugh. They are opposites on the karmic wheel , so attraction will be instant when they meet. Since the Scorpio is very intense and passionate about the things in which he believes, he will be attracted to a woman who also shares the same intensity. In family life, an interesting climb up the hill awaits a Capricorn man and Scorpio woman:

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7 thoughts on “Scorpio man wants to be friends


    Although a Cancer woman is the best match for a Scorpio man, there are other possibilities as well.


    She wants to be loved for her whole self and nothing less, not just for her looks or appeal.


    Scorpio woman has a tenacious mind that helps her to successfully go through life and in business - Capricorn man very much appreciates this in her. That will help you relieve the stress that is the result of not knowing what to wear and less stress means you will be a more confident and relaxed person for the entire day or evening.


    While it is natural to assume a Scorpio woman and Scorpio man are the best possible matches, the reality is their possessive and jealous natures may cause problems within the relationship. However, if they are able to work around these personality flaws they may indeed be able to formulate and endure a loving and lasting relationship.


    For someone who is used to joking around with friends and calling them names playfully this can be a new piece of land on which to tread.


    It will never be easy for these two to mend and forgive after a bad fight.


    She wants to be loved for her whole self and nothing less, not just for her looks or appeal. For any company to be more successful, it is important to offer an interesting business to a Scorpio woman, which pleases her - she is a clear opponent of routine, while Capricorn should be entrusted with the development of projects which he will perform brilliantly.