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Originally meant to mean "very angry", from the Afrikaans word "kwaad" cross , it came to also mean something that's lekker, an urban way to say cool or express coolness. At Mandela's memorial service in , he was loudly booed by ordinary South Africans in front of world leaders. At ANC rallies, he was often the first to break into tuneful song. Let's take our 6' 6"s and surf 20' Dungeons wearing baggies, no leashes and a decomposing seal on our heads. You cook your boerewors, steak, lamb chops and sosaties on it. You drink your dop out of a dumpy. She is a energetic ,imaginative and passionate lover. There is nothing better than a deep, distant groundswell textured into glassy perfection by a light bergwind. Derived perhaps from the English way of saying "Is it really? Knaters Afrikaans — lit. It's the name of the river that runs through Port Alfred, home to the famous East Pier.

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    After he leaves office, Zuma faces the risk of jail over 18 criminal charges over the payments he received. See Afrikaans "skollie" meaning "smeerlap, straatboef" found in South Dutch as "schoelje" "arme drommel" which is still used today in Dutch, found it in my Kramer meaning "fripouille" in French, so "scoundrel" maybe from French "escouillon" see English scullion -- cook's boy -- also from French.