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Video about why does chocolate cause headaches:

Say No To These Foods If You Have A Headache!

Why does chocolate cause headaches. 13 Foods That Can Make Your Headaches Worse.

Why does chocolate cause headaches

What about the connection between chocolate and headache? This is a very broad group of medical conditions ranging from dental pain from infected teeth or pain from an infected sinus, to life-threatening conditions like bleeding in the brain or infections like encephalitis or meningitis. They start at the base of my skull and radiate through my head, into the front of my face. Chocolate and Headache Confused about chocolate? Generally, when it comes to negatives there are two things to remember. What kind of chocolate? The pain may be a dull ache, sharp, throbbing, constant, intermittent, mild, or intense. Some people have occasional headaches that resolve quickly while others are debilitating. As far as humans go, theobromine isn't harmful. Read about chocolate and headache and other facts in this article scroll to the bottom to read about the University of Pittsburgh study 2.

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    What about the connection between chocolate and headache?


    So why did those muscles get short?


    Excessive chewing gives your jaws quite the workout.


    The chocolate and headache link isn't all bad. You're not the only one.


    Chocolate varies greatly in the amount of fat.


    Migraine headaches are often triggered to occur when the person is exposed to a specific set of circumstances. Identify the trigger foods and see if eliminating them from your diet reduces or eliminates your headaches.


    Chocolate had more "antioxidant capacity" than fruits and vegetables in a study by the U.